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Soon, each title will become clickable and lead you to detailed information on each bird!

                         American Kestrel


                                                                            Black-Headed Grosbeak




                                                                               Cedar Waxwing


                                  Dark-Eyed Junco


                                                                         Downy Woodpecker


                      European Starling


                                                                           Hairy Woodpecker


                                    House Finch


                                                                         Nuttall's Woodpecker


                      Red-Breasted Nuthatch


                                                                        Red-Shouldered Hawk


                       Red-Winged Blackbird


                                                                                        Spotted Towhee


                               Steller's Jay


                                                                         White-Crowned Sparrow


All images provided by Ben Knoot.