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Kids and birds are a natural combination! Kids don’t fly, but like birds, kids swing in trees, splash in water, eat fruit and berries, sing when they’re happy and play with their siblings. Each bird has a name and is described by their colors, habitat and behavior. Spotting and identifying birds can start a lifetime hobby that can be shared with anyone.

2nd Saturday   On the second Saturday of each month we offer fun and educational classes for Junior Birders. Classes are held from 9 –10 am at the store. Reservations are required for all classes. Some classes have fees.

Books   Below is a list of books selected just for Junior Birders. They can be purchased from our ONLINE BOOKSTORE.

Optics   Having the right binoculars enhances any outing whether in the backyard, local park, sporting event, camping or hiking. Check out our Compact section!

Projects   Try these projects you can download and do at home. Then come in and share them with us! Coming Soon!

Photos   Say “Chirp” and share your birding pictures with us!! Coming Soon. 

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